How to be an Innovator from Laggard

Marketers for their sake has developed a customer segmentation based on the adoption of a new product or service but this segmentation also tells us the number of people who would like to adopt the

Or the intellectual and creative status of the society due to which


Bt with the advancement of information technology and more and more people are connected due to which when innovators adopt and technology and they really like they share via social media de to which other people adopt it at the higher state, also with the advancement of the information technology, information flows to a wider audience and hence the adoption cycle is shrinking towards left.

But point is not the adoption of the product but the structure and environment of the society demands more and more people to be innovators in the age of automation where adoption of new technologies is not the option but the necessary thing.

So how to be an innovator? First, let see why people are laggard, one hypothesis is people become laggards from schools when their curious spark got dim due to study against the will and curiosity and due to which their curiosity for all the things like curiosity about the new products all got vanished.

So to be an innovator we need to have the curious spark within, which can be done when we start focusing on our self and see which things we like the most and study or get to know about our ultimate interest and curiosity and throw away all the things makes us feel resistance to the enthusiasm we got when we satisfy our knowledge hunger, maybe that’s why many people like certain authors but few not.

Also by making small purposes based on your interests, talent, and skills and ultimately you will like to know all other things because everything is connected and mind explores by absorbing the one domain to another.

So you are curious now, now you will want to know about everything in the market and eventually, also your creative genius will also grow and you shall become an Innovator!

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