Evolution of social media from chat to the community to creativity

When Robert Kahn and Vint Cerf invented the internet, they didn’t have the idea that it will emerge as social media, which is the combination of technology and sociology from evolution we are wired to be together, we hunted together then we work together and now with these platforms we are together for every of our activity, every technology is now implementing the social feature in to their UI due to which even boring technology feels personal now,

Social media has created platform of democracy and bring the whole world into one place, many social media platforms are designed for specific activities, for example, LinkedIn for professional network and activity or Facebook for social activity only and now we are introducing Heuro the social media of intellects for your intellectual growth, here you and your friends and intellects come together to learn create and share, as bringing learning together.


Evolution of social media:

Before Facebook there were many social media companies which failed and burnt into ashes, with these ashes helped in making the better versions of social media, the fact is the audience of every social media platforms evolve every day, the interests, aspirations, motivation and even friends you like will change or evolve tomorrow, which every social media needs to identify with the data and technology like artificial intelligence,

When the concept of social media was introduced in large scale by Facebook and twitter it was a simple add to friend and few more things only but today’s social media has evolved much, with innovative features social media is now is very different and are now catering to different emotions for example many thinkers evaluate the internal trigger of Facebook as lonely feeling same to do with LinkedIn when a person feels opportunistic or career oriented he likely to explore LinkedIn, and for intellectual and creative feeling we are designing the heuro app so that every user feels more creative and intellectual and help the user to nurture the creativity and intellection in the Heuro platform.



Communication evolution within social media, from chatting to creativity:


Communication is perhaps the most important activity happens on social media platforms, we started communicating to each other first by friend requests then chatting then photo sharing and now its creativity sharing by the amazing tools of these platforms, for example, geo filters on snapchat, one click video upload on youtube, interactive articles on heuro, etc., that’s why every platform is now focusing on harnessing the creativity of the individual to share with the masses, the biggest driver of sharing the creativity to these social media platforms is the huge community and feedback from them.

Certain platform caters creativity differently, for example, snapchat lets you creatively use its innovative features for fun and on heuro creativity is more of sophisticated in nature as it’s the social media of intellects and its features are designed for the intellectual and creative of yours!


One world but many communities: a journey from one to friends to many to many:


Through social media our world has become one, we are now connected to each other with the degree of different interests, motivations, aspirations etc., due to which many communities have formed, now an Indian can be a friend or follower of African with the degree of same interest say agriculture, following tags, causes, groups are also the part of forming the different communities.


With one world and decentralized financial systems, we can imagine the glimpse of the future, as the most advanced and prosperous society due to the fact of the high rate of ideas sharing and distributed wealth in the world.

Heuro is trying to create a global community of Intellects so that a global platform is created focusing on your intellection. Information and creativity only to serve you well in particular direction!