Why network of intellects?


Why network of intellects?

Ever imagine if ever Isaac Newton was connected to the Einstein, how much more they both would have done?, I know they are from different timeline, but the point is even intellects who work on the shoulders of other intellects can contribute exponentially if connected to each other.

Boundaries have separated us for centuries in the form of countries, but in today’s world of the social media revolution, all the boundaries are now obsolete, we now have different social media platforms which contain different networks like networks of friends and family, a network of professionals and now a new platform for a network of intellects with the sole purpose to make the world more intellectual and creative, by  connecting you to all other intellects around the world and providing innovative tools specially design for the intellection and creativity of yours.

Most of the social media are designed and cater to the general social activity, but a platform is needed which will target specifically to only one extension of you, intellection and creativity which is highly required in today’s world of automation when machines will take over your jobs, and you will be doing the intellectual, and creative work only.

Every individual has its own intellection and creativity, which is cultivated by knowledge and unique experiences, which grow at a linear speed, but in today’s world thanks to technology, our life has become exponential and with this exponential platform of intellection, growing and nurturing of our thinking and creativity can also be exponential.

As Isaac Newton rightly said:


If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.


Our thinking is the result of the knowledge and experiences we have, the more we have it, the more effective our thinking will become, understand it in the language of technology, consider our thinking as a source code, adding the code lines will add the working dimensions of a source code likewise adding knowledge, experiences, opinions and information will do to our thinking dimensions and with the network of intellects, your source code will easily be updated on daily basis.

Some economists connected the internet speed to the GDP of a country, the more ideas flow into a country within and outside of it the more will the effectiveness and efficiency of it be, same applied to us as an individual, the more ideas we consume, the more ideas will be reflected in our thinking and work.

In the age of globalization, a part of global consciousness is necessary to stay ahead and let the ideas, knowledge, and information flows in and out from you,


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