Thought > Idea > Concept

The concept is the representation of an idea; The result of thought. Also, it is the judgment or opinion you have about that idea.

The concept is considered as the basic unit of human knowledge because it is actionable. That means; With a concept, we can understand more complex ideas as well as make them actionable.

An idea, on the other hand, is the result of thought: an intention. The intention behind the idea is not expressed; Therefore, having it would not contribute to the understanding of more complex ideas or to the execution of the idea.

That is why concepts are the basic unit of human knowledge; So they are important. With the concept, abstract or concrete, we can activate the intention behind the idea and make it possible. Without the concept, human knowledge would be impossible for us; And without it, we would lose happiness.

Soon, Ambit will help you turn your thoughts into an Idea and also give you the tools to create concept.