The Transhumanism

What is transhumanism ? What does it mean to be a transhumanist ? Some may not even have heard of the term; Others may have long considered transhumanists; It is also possible that you may know it, and you do not know it yet.

Transhumanism is a social, cultural and philosophical movement that advocates the overcoming of human limitations – especially of biological ones – through technology . In this article we will know what is transhumanism, what is its  origin , its history , what are the aspirations of the transhumanists and some of the criticism they receive.

As a relatively young concept and movement it is, transhumanism is in constant redefinition. However, its fundamental premise is to seek to overcome the limits – especially biological – of the human being thanks to technology, to the attainment of what would be known as “posthumano .”

What are the motives that guide the transhumanist?  The transhumanist considers that the limitations that affect the human being due to its biological nature are negative . His condition as a mortal biological entity limits his life time and forces him to suffer the loss of his loved ones ; The diseases that affect him cause him suffering; The limitations of their environment generate misery and inequality ; His intelligence limited by biology makes it difficult for him to overcome the obstacles that the world and life pose to him.

Conscious of this, the transhumanist intends to use technology to overcome all those obstacles , and usually is convinced that this can be done in a not too long time.