The journey of a curious seed to the ocean of creativity


Ever imagine how life would be without curiosity, maybe we still be in animal kingdom ruled by a lion and fight for a banana with fellow monkeys, every human exploration starts with a curious feeling to know to explore maybe that’s why NASA’S Mars rover name is curiosity, but it not only creates the desire to explore but also with time it resulted in creativity.

Let’s take a real example a person name “Hans Lippershey” the inventor of telescope had a curiosity to study the shiny dots in the sky his study lead him to create the instrument to see the stars, planets, and mars, but this curiosity didn’t end here with time this curiosity community explore and with their creative ideas contributed to this space exploration which took us to moon now planning to mars, finding earth-like planets, maybe aliens next year never ending curious cycle.

Human evolution happened with a pinch of curiosity just like with orgasm, maybe that’s why a child even in minor pain stop crying when her parents start doing something wired in front of her, it’s her curiosity makes her stop crying that’s this curiosity makes them always engage, full of energy and happy.

The best way to explain the most curious subject of human curiosity with the analogy of tree, as both started with the desire to grow and with supportive situations both can be as large as impossible.

Imagine curiosity as a seed crave for knowledge and exploration to grow like seed for accurate soil and water, the grown plant needs air like developed curiosity needs information and with time the curious plant gives its fruits of wisdom and with different curious seeds grown differently and gives different reaped wisdom fruits mix together to end up as a salad of creativity.


Be curious be Heuro