The Curious Loop Algorithm

“Without hunger, there would be no food, and without curiosity, there would be education.”

Evolution wired us with curiosity and creativity via neuron chemicals; certain neuron chemicals sync together to give curious and creative output, for example when we encounter any interesting, strange or uncertain situation, our brain secrets dopamine for our survival and serotonin which link the knowledge dots in mind to tackle the situation.

And with this neuron cocktail/code in the brain, curiosity developed simultaneously.

To crack the code of curiosity simple as how it created a flow and how it ends up as creativity, check the algorithm:

Curious loop algorithm:

It all started with a situation or thing something weird or interesting, a natural curiosity pops up, which creates a desire a hunger to be satisfied so this curiosity searches, explore, and study the situation or thing with the available knowledge and if it satisfied the desire ends but if not it further explore information, ideas and accumulate the knowledge to wisdom and later tinker with that knowledge and accidentally ends up in aha moments/creativity,  which further creates many curious variables and goes back to curiosity stage as a loop.

In heuro, the design itself encourage and spark curiosity, and with instant gratification, it only sparks further.


Curiosity is a flow of a river that wants to ends up in the ocean of wisdom and creativity.