The beautiful mind


Beauty lies in the mind of the observer.

Every intelligent person can see, feel and observe the beauty of the mind of his or others, which is so addictive and pleasurable than any other thing, every individual has his own dimension of the mind, and with further sharpening this dimension can create a beautiful mind which won’t only entertain himself but the world, the power of the mind is so exponential that it can influence the world by his beautiful mind.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, Shakespeare, Confucius, Mozart, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, all these legends are from fields but the common is their beautiful mind, which created arts, science, literature, music, nation, philosophy, etc., and have made our world so much beautiful, that we see them as the most beautiful people.

Creative industry is governed by the phenomena of imagination and beautiful mind where a writer or creator of an arts who got euphoria moment by his imagination make it a movie, arts, music, etc., to let others also enjoy his beautiful mind, now imagine if every individual work for developing his/her beautiful mind and share it to the world, then how much world will be beautified.

Few ways to developing your beautiful mind:

  • Self-awareness: true to yourself about your likings, interests, inspirations, strengths, eureka moments, etc., and make a journal or notes every time you discover something new about yourself.
  • Spiritual connection: it’s the upper level of self-awareness, it’s when you identify your talent and skill, practicing of which gives you eternal pleasure.
  • Social media feedbacks: there are platforms for every type of creativity, Youtube or Vimeo for videos, Snapchat, IG, Facebook for your photo creativity, Heuro for your articles, etc., documenting your creative life into this platform will definitely sharpen your skills and talents.
  • Tinkering: be a tinker and observe play, create and recreate.
  • Be curious and creative.
  • Keep exploring online and offline.

You are very lucky if you find your true love, but you are luckiest if you find your true passion, working on which will create the beautiful mind of you and for the world.