Strength focused motivation:

Many people have the unique abilities which even others notice and the interesting part is they love to use these unique abilities in them for others and themselves, but over time and influence of others they don’t use them much to the nil and due to which they completely neglect the god gift but after reading this and become more aware you can even now start small and even hire a consultant who can use his observation and update information can make you aware of what big you can do with this unique abilities or what career is best for you which makes me use my ability, many times we neglect our potential because of a competitive mind and see other as have the sharp skill of same strength and rather than sharp your own ability you end up giving up your ability¬† to use but if you love to use this ability you need to move with it and develop this ability and yourself to use it with excellence and make a career around it and again due to the influence of this next age you also need to think differentiation to use this in the world.