Reward focused Motivation!

Many people are motivated by the life, and they just want to change their current living standard and due to which their philosophy is to earn and live lavishly and no other thought motivates them and mainly all of us are belongs to this category, and for them there is a guideline of sit in the plane which will go higher which are the new emerging technology as AI, 3D printer, etc. because of the influence of the innovation age all the business cycles have short period and due to which it won’t make you rich or the life you want and due to which you need to ride on monopoly industries whose concept was started by any entrepreneur and you just need to intimate and create the business around his concept with observing all the weak points of it and create by fixing that points, even many people started with this motivation factor and ended up discovering themselves in one of the above motivation factors but the main part is this factor makes them able to act.

With the focus in mind, we will tend to be more creative in our motivational path because a lot of motivational energy will be used in generating the ideas!