Lotus Mindset: Key to well being and creativity!

First step to well-being and creativity: the lotus mindset

In the highly competitive environment where one’s success is judged by its peer success, brings many negative emotions for us and for others which not only sends out negative vibes to the surroundings but also affect our health and well-being with continuous stress and envy mindset.

In today’s world where personal well-being is the first step of achieving health and wealth (you can analyze it by rising of well-being industry) the first step to do is be like a lotus.

Live like a lotus 

This phenomenon for living like a lotus, is the mindset created by adopting the path of spirituality, which gives you the pleasure of still and clear mind, and you will be able to see the world as heaven, and even people throw critics on you, but your true colors will be the same just like mud washed away from lotus, live like the lotus means roots connected within the mud, like a world where selfish people created the hell or mud like environment, but rather than be like them you chose to have the mindset above. As people often stuck in the negative emotions created by their negative self, as greedy, selfish, arrogance, but with this concept, you will be able to soothe emotions and actually live like a lotus; this mindset is acquired by the following activities:

1) Involve much with spirituality: read, listens to spiritual content and try to comprehend them even in the beginning it looks like hypothetical, but try hard to comprehend the spiritual literature with an open-minded approach.

2) Try to see the world with the spiritual content you have acquired aka the GOD eye view!.

3) Be aware of all your negative emotions and self – Be Mindful!

Spirituality helps you to live like a lotus and makes you a better person, however, many people will argue that greed is good, but in the age of innovation when you stick to your callings for this world, then rewards will be enormous and your lotus mindset will give you more than your greed, there are mud emotions and lotus emotions, even in the long run lotus mindset, will pay you more reward and even gives you the energy of patience, late but huge rewards, and by the power of spirituality you can move from the mud to lotus.

As Mud emotions are:

1) Selfish

2) Greed

3) Dishonesty

4) jealousy

And after by the power of spirituality gives you mental state like

1) humble

2) love and care

3) Gratitude

4) Integrity

Lotus mindset: the instrument of creativity and intellectualism 

When positive emotions come tight humans more the dot to feel creative and intellectual, anyone feel like lotus is tend to more likely generate more original ideas, the logic behind it is when you work with the negative mindset you will think according to others and competition but if you think with the lotus mindset you will only focus on generating ideas with your knowledge and thinking and experience with the energy of positive emotions and more likely to achieve them, the negative mindset will be the linear thinker on the other hand lotus mindset will blow your mind with your best original and exponential ideas which is way ahead then competitive thinking!


In Heuro, we are trying to create an environment where only lotus emotions flourish!

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