Interest focused Motivation

We all have interest in something either it is basic sports to new generation technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning but the fact that we are not bold enough to live it and leave the idea by your own cognitive process (which is influenced by others) that the idea is too big or small to make a career but you only live once, and if you do it for the basic needs of human life to make it more comfortable then you are only an ordinary person but if you really want to live life with joy and satisfaction and also with financial security then you need to be crazy and bold enough to live your interest, however, in the beginning, you will face difficulties and even perceptually more because of your brain will create negative stories and show opposition for the idea but consider it learning for your career and think of a child as if he stops walking because of fear to fall then he might end up with no legs but even child is bold to getup again and again to become a master or an athlete.