Innovation Equation

Innovation, the word might be using most of the times by the authors now, because we are entering into the age of innovation where key to success is your creativity, as information flows into the society and which creates intellection and creative ideas which then turn to innovation.

But with many descriptions the word has been not rightly visualized by all of us, and no author is defining the term in layman terms or some simple equation to understand, we visualize the innovation as the creative idea, but its way beyond that and idea is only the initial phase of the innovation, so here let me present you an equation which not only makes clear picture in mind about how the innovation happens but also will help in proper execution of innovation in today’s world.


In the equation you can see the focus points for perfect innovation, the equation simplified the process and now execution will happen with the right amount of attention and focus on every element of innovation so that you not only make the competition irrelevant but also stay ahead of your game,

Invention:it does not only symbolize to a particular product but also a new system for example in the digital environment, any new approach or system can also be considered as invention, as one click taxi is an invention or swipe to date is also an invention, mixing up ideas to cater a problem is the best approach to invent but to innovate it’s only a step not the complete execution plan to innovate,

Design: concept of design in products is famous now thanks to Steve Jobs, he taught the world that even the boring product and service has to have a design, as zen philosophy states that every product and service has a life in itself and every life wants to be beautiful, concepts like biomimicry (inspire from nature) have evolved over time because of this reason.

Marketing:  Marketing can be define as the way of communication to the human psychology about your product and service and the more creative it is the more impactful the marketing campaign can be, even in today’s world when broadcasting is the cheapest and effective, every company has to have the media leg, creating and broadcasting the content in all the social media channels related to your product and service.

Many innovators focus on some areas but lacking behind other areas due to which biased approach doesn’t work better in the market and market demands overall satisfaction of the consumption, so focus equally on all these areas of innovation.