Innovation Age


The very nature of Earth is always to change, change is the truth of human life, whether it is climate change, species evolution or technology we use, when a new technology is introduced in the human society, with collective efforts the technology changes our society as an adoption of rational collective behavior.

But few inventions take place which changes the whole age of the human race, with the invention of the engine, whole industrial age took place, with the invention of internet whole industrial age changed to the information age, every age creates a circumstance to create a base of the next age.

Information to Innovation Innovation Age

We are currently living into information age where there is plenty of information for desired work but the circumstances this age is creating is mainly developing the intellect and creativity of the masses at utmost level due to which employees are known as problem solver, not the industrial employee who has to be first highly trained for certain task and then spent whole his life in doing that task,
With connectivity, knowledge and information abundance more and more people are aware of the external (their industry, career etc) as well as their internal (strengths and weakness and interests, passion etc) and with ease in human life, people will tend to be more scientific, creative and inventive due to which rate of change of technology, inventions will be high as a collective effort of the masses, which will become the base of the new age “Innovation Age” where more and more people will be creative and intellect and collective behavior is to do the thinking and creative job to stay relevant.

The biggest force for the transition of information age to innovation age is AI, people will forcefully adopt the intellectual and creative jobs in order to survive, If you don’t agree then consider your own industry whether its finance, education or media the biggest player key strength is innovation itself, even it’s too big to move, In ambit, we know that the situation will happen when many jobs will be irrelevant, with that in mind we are trying to create an environment where societies are more informed, intellect and creative and thrive in the age of automation.