Information cycle: The right way to consume information in the information abundant world!

Information cycle: The right way to consume information in the information abundant world!

What is information?

Google defines information as facts about someone or something,

How it flows: The Information cycle

Information cycle shows how news, invention or discovery flows around in the different sources so when information or news flows; it first appears on the TV or the radio then to newspapers and magazines, academic journals, books and to reference books and encyclopedia.

How it flows digitally:

With rise of digital consumption and fall of print mediums, more and more media companies are now fully focused on harnessing the power of digitization, whether its social media platforms or blogs, however social media platforms has empowered people to be a media of themselves by their posts, tweets, videos, and articles, so to translate information cycle into bits, information starts with tweets and blogs and then media blogs and websites then to academic websites and eBooks and then to Wikipedia (the digital encyclopedia)

(Document your intellectual articles in the social media of intellects)

Information cycle and level of information:

Just like aged wine, the more time an information content spends, the more sophisticated it becomes, so on the same day it appears on the internet or TV but a day spends, and the editor spends time in cultivating the story with more research data later in writing journals, books and encyclopedia more and more time and research spends which therefore raised the sophistication of the information content.

Future of information:

From the invention of newspaper industries we all were consuming the information content created by a handful of companies, but today with the rise of digital platforms anyone can be a media company, with the rise to a race of getting maximum eyeballs and going out of the box way by covering even interesting but fake news, the world is changing in to the age of opinion where crowd based information is creating, and consuming, and people will have the broad perspective about any information.

Information abundance and sugar:

We are living in the abundance of information, humans are wired in to be addicted from sugar and information, as they were a scarce commodity for our ancestors, and with the rise of capitalism and human behavior understanding we have created our environment as sugar and information abundant place and now we are having problems with the abundant level of these two commodities, problems like obesity or diabetes from sugar and declining in curiosity, the rise in confusion and fake news created by information abundance!

What information wants?

Low sugar food and information organizer:

In today’s world, where information is abundant and designed to be consumed no matter if it’s good or bad just like sugar industry evolved into more addictive and abundant, information industry is evolving in the same!

But after the addictiveness and abundance of sugar created problems, we have created anti sugar moments; sugar companies are now marketing  their product into low sugar label and all,

Information wants to be evolved into more organized and opinionated way!


How to match knowledge level and information consumption:

Web is all about information salad now, where we have commercially influenced and SEO based articles, products due to which we are not getting the knowledge, and information experience we are looking for and a lot of energy is now consumed in resisting the commercials and finding the right level of information we are looking for.

In Heuro, there is a research tool work as the knowledge search engine and designed for empowering you to have the information and knowledge based on your demand.

Suppose you encounter a new term called blockchain technology, the web might show you a mix of Ads of blockchain companies, latest news on the blockchain, product blogs, etc.  But in Heuro, If you research about blockchain technology you will get Wikipedia article, then blogs, academic articles and then books, so based on your preference you choose the source level and let your energy to only absorb!


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