How to be Critical Thinker

Humans are irrational beings, and we all pay for being irrational collectively, for example, the famous first financial bubble of Tulip or the dot com bubble are not only in the financial markets but also in all the areas of our life, especially in today’s rapidly changing environment where every new situation has to be critically analyzed for a better outcome, most of us are followers as research studies shows the rise of the influence marketing due to which we have the same fate as of our following, but how to be a critical and open thinker?

Here are some suggestions that might help you to be a critical thinker:

  • What leaders are saying is the point of view and not the fact: every intellection is the result of the personal experience and actions, and when we encounter this intellectual thought from our leaders or our followings, we accept it as a fact.
  • Mindfulness: questioning every of your thought might be the best way to be a critical thinker, practicing the questioning of our self will not only make us better thinker but also a great leader,
  • Read as many perspectives as you can and question them all, you will not only get the bird’s eye view but also your thinking will be broader.
  • Accept all the feedbacks, broadcast your most critical views and accept even the most negative feedback, it will help you to be an open thinker
  • Meditation: the best mind exercises you can do and this will also help you in becoming a critical thinker.
  • Be with the other critical thinkers either in reality of digitally,

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