How to adapt the age of automation

We are living in the golden age, and it’s the best time to live so far to live a creative life, even social media has evolved into sharing of text message to sharing of creativity with the technological tools, but future will also be disruptive where many jobs will be taken by bots, and new creative and intellectual jobs will take place just like happened from cognitive revolution to agriculture age and so forth.

Future belongs to the creators, just like every age where 2 percent people innovate, as per marketing stats tells us, in future with the nature of jobs demand, many people will be creative and innovative, so why not working on it from today itself, our platform heuro is trying to make the human society more creative and intellectual through science and technology.

Every age kills the old and flourishes the new and here is our few points to prepare you for the new age coming:


  • Focus on your creativity and intellection: writing an article daily or practicing to generate ideas or even tinkering with the stuff are few ways to be creative.
  • Keep update yourself: knowledge is like a tree; it needs water of information to grow and flourishes, with a high rate of change in the world you got to be updated to stay relevant!
  • Connect to your passion: passion has a great virtue of momentum due to which you can aim and achieve high.
  • Think long term even when you are earring super high
  • Disrupt yourself continuously, or anyone else will do that to you!
  • Connect to the leaders of your field: leaders spend a lot of time with statistics, thought leaders which enable them to see the future and amazingly you can follow them on various social media platform and see the glimpse of the future through their eyes.
  • Books are the window of future keeps your eye on them.
  • Learn the magic thinking: imagine you have a wand of magical power and which can let you do anything and now consider that wand as a technology which is getting more powerful day by day, either disrupt by it or use it to create the future, as the future business model is achieving the impossible through science and technology, colonizing the mars or superhumans are some of the examples.
  • Always explore new technology as early as possible especially related to your profession.


Be Creative Be Heuro