Future of business strategy

The basic nature of the world is to change whether it’s how we live, interact or even doing business, with change of technological, social, economic environments and entry of many variables into the system like artificial intelligence, social media, the world is now operating into different dimensions.

Same happens to the business, with incredible tools like artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, the business operations are now have evolved and with the evolution adoption the business environment will reward the innovators and won’t feel pity for the laggards, with digital and winner takes all economy, that companies will thrive which will adopt these technologies in the efficient and aesthetic ways.

There is a simple equation you can run the business and serve the exponential vision.

Business Model = Impossible philosophical vision + Machine + Tinkering + customer-centric.


Let’s focus on the future business model one by one:

Impossible Philosophical vision:

When everyone has the power to use these exponential technologies into their business then who will have the edge over the all, the answer lies in the human part, when through technology, people will have the superintelligence than the business think the biggest will win,


Quantum computing, machine learning algorithms, these will be at the heart of every business, so business invest and build the architect over it will likely have the chance to win.


To cater the impossible, it’s necessary to tinker around the ideas based on the fact to cater the impossible vision.

Customer Centric:

Whether it’s business to customer or even business to business, it’s necessary to be highly empathetic in business today and learn more and more about customer pain points and reduce them as much you can,

These are the must-have elements of the business equation. Also, there are also some other secondary factors; you need to add to your business like marketing like creating content like media companies and master the social media, crowd involvement, and engagement,  etc.,

In Heuro, our vision to make the world more intellectual and creative so that we collectively change the world into a better place,