Freelancing and creativity: future of workplace!

The world is now emerging into the crowd-based environment, from the financial industry to big banks then to open ledger of blockchain technology or media companies to crowd-based content and information creator and consumers to crowdfunding, technology is truly democratizing our world creating equal opportunity for everyone around the world.

Today, the workplace is also democratizing which is far better and creative, and cost-effective model than the old workplace model of assembling into one giant building contains rules and politics, the new model saves many hidden costs and raising the creativity, and enabling world talent to work together. Earlier, we have politics the way of getting to the top, but today its skills, talent, and creativity wins, from the big corporate buildings to comfortable homes, the workplace scenario is changing.

Freelancing platforms are the new workplace of global freelancers and companies, to come and work together which brings a lot of necessary elements needed in today’s environment, where ideas flow and end up producing something unique, say for example a startup hired a video creator from India, now the startup not only gets the video cheap but also more diverse ideas of freelancer will work for the startup!

Shifting from 9 to 5 jobs to “my time” jobs: demand for comfort

Faison brands are now creating the clothing design with one major factor to include comfort, people now want to be more and more comfortable than ever before, the emergence of intellectual jobs in the world of automation demand the intellectual to be at ease, people need more and more comfortable environment to be their best at intellection and creativity and the world’s most comfortable place is your home!

Freelancing creating a win-win situation:

Hiring a freelancer will not only save the company’s various hidden cost of having an employee but also save time, money and energy of a freelancer too, companies can now focus on their core functioning and competency.

There are many obstacles to work with a freelancer, but freelancing platforms are improving their functioning day by day, and with algorithms and smart contracts, we are heading towards a place of freelancing environment where we share our competency to create and innovate.