For those who do not believe in Science

female eye with beam of light

Well, those who do not believe in science, they do right because Science is not about believing, it is about contrasting, repeating, predicting, measuring, checking, denying, doubting. The beauty of science is that it does not want you to believe in it. It is not a religion. Science has a method, the scientific method that collects evidence that may or may not support a hypothesis and draw your own conclusions.

“Science” is the sum of knowledge accumulated for centuries by the human species, and proved to be true in many cases. Satellites, for example, are a proof Newton was right in his Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica , or simply “Principia”.  Not only that … the incredible Newton determined planetary orbits in general. In the 17th century.

The basis of “Science” is not “belief” but doubt, criticism and logical thinking.  So no, we must not believe in science, we must doubt it, we must test what is accepted, because it is not perfect, the principles that governed it yesterday can change today and change tomorrow, the most correct would be to use it as a basis.