Focus and creativity: doing the motivational activity!


Everyone has their own motivation; some motivate from the end results; some with their power and some of the interest and these motivation helps them to keep going in life.

Now imagine if people use full time of these motivational factors for their career also and get out first morally then intellectually and then physically from the system created by few people’s dream or plan, for example, Google, a great company of our time and able to influence almost whole world but this company not only able to contribute great in the world but also have created a master plan for others as great engineers and budding entrepreneurs with great ideas came out from the college and Google hired them or acquire their company either friendly or hostile way so that no other company can emerge in the economy now think this master plan for an ordinary society in which you got great academic scores and company hires you with great pay, in the beginning, you will enjoy the great pay but as life goes on you will start bore because you are not contributing in the world and bore with the luxury (as mentioned earlier luxury is for creativity and not a goal) and now imagine you came out from college with good grades and believe in yourself and start living your purpose then soon and later you might be as big as the company hired you but you need to be bold enough to live your dreams and purpose of life because life is all about long term thinking due to which think you in 5 years or 10 years in the aspect of your work or contribution with the picture in mind that if you work for the money then one day you may be fulfilled by it, but in the last day of your life when you examine your life in few minutes you won’t be able to have a sense of satisfaction maybe you will think I am rich enough but at that moment does it matters to you now? And now imagine you start living your purpose and in the last days you will see the great contributions of your life which will makes you a sense to die like a king and not the slave of money.

To get started there is a framework consists of four domains of motivation in which you can put yourself and able to get started as soon you choose the path of life soon you will be able to achieve and contribute much and after aware all the four motivation go deep down and filter your thoughts with this framework and ask yourself which is a greatest motivation factor for me again and again by which you will be able to intellectually achieve your goal or purpose of life by the help of awareness of deep motivation factor filtered by this frame work ( I suggest you try meditation first) if this framework can’t help you then take help from god by spirituality and you will be able to listen to your soul which will tells you the ultimate motivation factor because many of us are unclear because of surroundings influence and their big dreams imaginations due to which we fall between the cognition for ourselves and others so you need to connect to your soul first if you can’t figure out your callings.

Four focused areas are:

1) Problem-focused

2) Interest focused

3) Strength focused

4) Reward focused