Evolution in writing tools

After the cognitive revolution, humans evolved to be the uncertainty avoiders which created curiosity and further created knowledge which makes the humans create writing and language.

Communicating with small instructions to writing on the cave walls to stone tablets to ….

Even in future humans might learn to communicate through telepathy.

With the advancement of human society, we created our writing tools easy to use for example when we first started to write we chose chisel and hammer to write of the tablets and on the walls with further advancement we tend to make our writing tools very easy to use, from high physical work of hammer and chisel to current mobile keyboard and continuously updating the mobile keyboard for the ease of writing and today companies are also evolving the writing input by speech and it might be science fiction for many that in future we will be able to write our thoughts directly with the advancement of techlogy and neuroscience,

The more ease it will be to note the ideas and the more will be creativity and intellectualism because there will be very less energy spend in putting efforts in holding the ideas to note them, so say for example when we will invent to note the ideas by only thinking of them, and it automatically note on the device then we could generate more and more ideas!

In heuro, we know this science that’s why we created instant notes within the app, so with one click you can note down your ideas and information without switching the apps and putting less effort in holding the ideas so you will have more energy to generate more ideas and explore them more!