Documenting your intellectual life

Every life is important and everyone is intellectual as others, we all have certain unique experiences and knowledge which creates the intellection and wisdom, but as we die our unique intellection is also dies.

Technology empowers us in all areas of life; it’s not the replacement of you but the extension of you, with the invention of social media every individual has the power to live in the democracy, reach your voice too as many people and leave your impressions into the world, but if we can document and share our social life then why not our intellection and creativity.


Why documenting your intellectual life?


Sharing your social life helps you to enjoy the togetherness likewise documenting and sharing your intellectual life will help you to not only the intellectual life but also makes you better intellectual and creative person because when you use your creative muscles to create the article and share it with the world then it does not only develop the creative muscles but also with feedback helps you exponentially creative and intellectual which is the most important in today’s world.


Now let’s see why people were not documenting the intellectual life and leave their legacy in the world:


Lack of channels:

Before social media, it was really hard to post or publish your creativity and intellectual thoughts as we have to pass as many channels but today social media has changed the world by not only making a single democracy but also helps in broadcasting to masses,


Lack of tools:

World has tools in abundance, catering and making our lives in to better, but there are not much tools specially design to cater our intellectual life,


Information asymmetry: we are now facing a problem of information abundance, which not let us absorbing the appropriate content,


Heuro trying to be a medium for your intellectual life:


Social media of intellectuals:

Heuro, the social media of intellectual, is the channel to broadcast your intellectual and creative life,



Organized feed for your daily information,


Better tools for curiosity and creativity:


Tools to Cater the creativity and curiosity has to be designed especially for your creativity and intellection serving instant gratification for your curiosity and creativity which sparks more of your curiosity and creativity, with one click article writing and broadcasting and connecting to the appropriate audience