Contemporary scientific mysteries waiting for there explanations

It seems that science is on the brink – the moments of stagnation are followed by a boom of discovery. We are currently living at that exciting moment when we are at the end of the stalemate and the next major leap is ahead. This is understood by data from various studies and discoveries that show that things are not always what we want them to be.

Meet some mysteries in modern science whose explanations require a change in what we have already learned, or simply assume that each rule is an exception; That the world in which we live is much more interesting and mysterious, that is, – full of new possibilities and ideas, and science is no exception.

The 9th and 10th Planets

Since astronomers have discovered indirect evidence of a massive body on the edge of the Solar System years ago, NASA has appointed hundreds of scientists in search of the ninth planet, but nobody has ever found it. Instead, he spoke about the tenth planet.

At the beginning of this year, scientists have suggested that they may have a candidate to explain the mysterious presence on the edge of our own solar system. Hopefully, we will not wait too long to find out what lies there.

Caves in the Great Pyramid of Giza

Archaeologists have discovered a huge chamber on the northern side of the Great Pyramid of Giza and another smaller on the northeast edge. Perhaps it is sacred cameras that have kept their secrets for thousands of years.


Archaeologists hope that by noninvasive methods, with scanning, for example, they will understand what is hidden in strange cavities.

What is Tully Monster?

From an evolutionary point of view, and not only, this strange-looking ancient creature is so mistaken that scientists continue to speculate about its origins even today – there is no opinion on the matter.

This 300 million-year-old creature has horizontal stabilizers like squirrels, eyelashes like crustaceans, and literally “stick-to-mouth”. The scars of this strange mix of animal parts of different species can be traced to mollusks, anthropods, and even vertebrates.

What causes fast radio bursts?

We still do not know what causes one of the strangest phenomena in our known universe – the fast electromagnetic radiation in the radio wave spectrum. These are some of the most exciting signals we have observed and recorded, and so disturbing to the science that some scientists even allow themselves to be the result of the work of an advanced alien civilization.

It was only last month that scientists first localized the source of such a broadcast. Perhaps we will soon know what causes them.

A phenomenon beyond the standard physics model

Three independent experiments indicate that a phenomenon exists beyond the standard physics model. Data from different experiments reach 99.95% security – 4-sigma.

If the results are verified with an accuracy of at least 5 sigmas, this will mean that for the first time we will have to rethink the idea of how elementary particles interact with each other. In addition, it may be necessary to develop an entirely new branch of physics to explain the phenomenon.

The extraterrestrial megastructure

The last 3 years have been a lot on the subject. Star Table has such a strange light pattern that scientists do not exclude alien interference. The gathering of information and the observation of the light model continues, in the hope of finding a natural phenomenon to explain the strange flashes.