Changing the reality of things to improve them

Innovation is the creation of new processes or products to solve a problem or improve it. From here we can tell you that innovation comes from change and mainly in the change of your way of thinking, you have to realize that all things as you knew them do not have to be this way.

It starts with all the things you dislike, the activities that you feel annoying to do, everything that makes you uncomfortable is an opportunity to change it, it is very likely that if you find a solution for those things that you do not like, you are helping millions of People just like you!

From there you can begin to question all your surroundings, you will realize that there are millions of things that can be improved. The great innovators started the same way, an example of this you can find in Elon Musk Director of Tesla and SpaceX. The reason he was interested in creating SpaceX and investing in space rockets was that he always wondered how, if 50 years ago we reached the moon we still have not gone beyond ?, from here his company started developing propellant rockets that can be Reused.

Train your brain and your thoughts, the more you focus on changing the reality of things to improve them, more opportunities will appear instantly unconsciously around you.

The next step is to put it into action, remember that ideas are worthless, it is the execution that demonstrates its operation and the value it represents for society !. Find or allocate the resources for their development and get to work.

This way you will be prepared to innovate and turn your environment into a better place!

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