Capturing ideas in abstract form in the mind and use that for creativity

There was an age of knowledge then the age of specialty now it’s the age of knowledge and specialty, where due to rise in population created saturation in every industry and creativity is the only way out, merging of two or more concepts and create a valuable ideas, but to do this you need to practice and exercising the creative muscles and absorb as many ideas and experiences as you can and certainly you will have many flashes of genius moments.

You might hear that entrepreneur describe their ideas as uber for x or Airbnb for y, it’s a clever way to explain the complex idea in to simple abstract ideas , this is how our mind works, we record everything in abstract form of ideas and magically they all do sex with each other and certainly born the ideas,

As the knowledge flows into the society, same ideas pop up in mind of many people at the same time but what stands out your idea is the quality and quantity of the abstract ideas which together created a new idea!

As bill gates explained in his interview that he got lucky enough to experience the computers which sparked his curiosity for further exploration on the field due to which he reinvented the whole software industry,Today we are living in the golden age of creativity, to have the articles under your finger navigating about the world news, information and knowledge, so be updated and feed yourself and be creative in the age of automation.