Be Curious

The age of collaboration is coming where human creativity and automation will run the society; humans will achieve beyond science fiction, but are we ready to focus on building our creativity and intellection to be relevant to work in future?

Our education system is built over traditional method which fuel out the curiosity, curiosity which further develop into creativity and the future of education will be heuristic and will be carried out the mixture of technology and curiosity, that’s why our application heuro derived from word heuristics.

The difference between an ordinary and extraordinary individual is its curiosity, as Albert Einstein rightly said

“I have no special talents; I am only passionately curious.”

Curiosity not only relates to learning or knowledge, it’s the pure reason of human survival although it wired in us to avoid future uncertainties but we got evolved into highly curious beings, just like joy of love which is also wired in us as a part of human survival, curiosity is also a joy of learning and evolved in us as powerful as love.

Many leaders including the creators of personal computer industry Bill Gates and Steve Jobs claimed the curiosity as the driver of their success and the logic behind it is the rate of change is high and to survive or stay relevant you have to know the mantra “be curious be relevant”, and with the rise of technology curiosity can grow and maintain and in return it will bring the ocean of wisdom and the waves of creativity.

It’s very hard to know about passion, but if you are following your curiosity, you are following your passion, as with this way many branches of knowledge evolved.


Be curious, be Heuro