8 ways to expand your creativity you may never have heard of

Everyone is intelligent; creativity will take you far in life – Walter Isakson

With rise of automation in all our activities, humans will be forced to do intellectual and creative lives, creativity is very much connected to the passion because that’s when learning and creating happens, as Steve Jobs define the creativity as connecting the dots, let me suggest you some of the ways (you might never read) we think are the accelerators of creativity.

  • Energy management: there is a limited amount of energy we have for a day, either we use it creatively and productively or waste it in useless activities, even passion needs energy, the more energy you maintain within you, the more quality ideas you may create.
  • Acquire knowledge which sparks curiosity:One thing you can do all the time is cultivating the habit of knowledge acquisition because knowledge is the base of creativity but curiosity must be maintained otherwise it will vanish away, look carefully at which knowledge is motivating you more to learn and which are not.
  • Good mood:when all the positive emotions come together it creates a joyful mood which is one of the best accelerators of creativity, so if you are focusing on your creativity then focus on your mood and stay positive,
  • Personal triggers of creativity: we all have our creative physiology which generates a creative spark.
  • Think creativity as a muscle: doing new things every day with creativity as muscles building in mind as Hans Zimmer rightly said that Creative people should try to do something new every day. Whether it ends up being good or bad doesn’t matter. What’s important is to keep your muscles exercised. –Hans Zimmer
  • Find your extreme eureka moment: we all goteureka moments, some people have eureka moments from simple as while reading, relaxing in warm water or watching educational video while others have very wired circumstances like in deep water and stay there just before death moment.
  • Act like a genius: you may be aware of power posing to pose like a leader which increases your testosterone level immediately likewise if you act and feel like a creative person then certain neuron chemicals will release in your mind which will eventually make you more creative, a great example is watching Sherlock Holmes makes us more intellectual.
  • Traveling and exploring the physical world.

Be Creative Be Heuro