10 ways to be more Curious in the information overdosed world

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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them – Albert Einstein

Thinking and knowledge is like a river; they are supposed to have the curiosity flow for preventing from the decayed conditions, with curiosity flow you are continuously evolving your mind and thinking, as scientists and scholars always follow their curiosity and revolve around in curious loop and end up building entirely new science.

Curiosity is the seed for every invention and cultivating is very important, especially in the rapidly changing environment, which is very hard to maintain the curious and growth mindset, however following are the ways you can cultivate curiosity:

  • Higher purpose: everyone overestimates what they can do in 2 years and underestimates what they can do in 10 years.

Creating a higher purpose for yourself will create a restlessness and hunger of knowledge which never ends, and you will be on a lifelong journey of learning in curious loop (read “curious loop algorithm).

  • Initial learning momentum: To be drowned in the ocean of knowledge you need to first swim to the deep sea, when we lose our appetite for learning because of forcefully learning activities like encountering a book or lecture which doesn’t resonate with our curious flow and we end up diminishing the curiosity flow, curiosity flow is a natural thing, it has to be flow naturally, taking it to the direction against and it will lose its momentum, we need to create a conscious momentum to get back on learning track by starting exploring books and other learning stuff on the subjects most interesting to you.
  • Reflection: many people don’t critically see the knowledge they have acquired so far due to which they don’t question it and hence feel not curious further about it, for example, Bill Gates once in a month spend a week reading books and thinking about the future of humanity and industry with that knowledge, be a thinker.
  • Creator’s mindset: the best way to learn is by applying and testing the knowledge continuously, which will many more knowledge gaps and these gaps creates more curiosity, so always learn to create.
  • Randomness: a little randomness is require in life to signal the brain indirectly that learning is surviving, as Chinese were highly developed in the 18th century but this prosperity created a curiosity deficit which ends up not moving forward, with little randomness your curiosity flow will be in momentum, as famous writerNassim Nicholas Taleb gave us the principle of anti-fragile, as every uncertainty makes you smarter and curious.
  • Problem Solving mindset: when we see every problem as an opportunity then our mind plays out with the problem as a mystery, and we become a learning machine, have a problem-solving mind set and try to solve every problem you encounter even if it doesn’t belong to you as famous quote:

“Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” – Bruce lee


  • Never be lazy in digging out things mentally: in today’s environment you can afford up to certain level to be lazy physically but not mentally, think it this way the more you work mentally, the less your work will be left physically, asking why till the curiosity flow ends is a must.
  • Diversity: just like seeds best grow in a compost; the curious seed loves when we flourish it with diverse knowledge, this diversity creates more curios flow, Stays with other curious people and listen to their curious journey will also increase your length and depth of curiosity.
  • Energy Management: it is, however, the most underestimated factor but the most important factor of cultivating curiosity and creativity.


  • Stay foolish, stay hungry: Famous quote, directly asking you to be more curios by giving up the status quo, as when we struck in status quo, we indirectly signals our mind that “I am comfortable please don’t send me the question,” but if we won’t get into status quo mindset and not letting success diminishes our future success then we will be in the position of unstoppable as curiosity means success momentum.


Make curiosity your guru, and it will take you to the greater heights creativity and depth of knowledge.