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When someone asks “हमको Special Status होना” it is “Either-a-bad” Hindi or “Hyderabad” Hindi!! Similarly, attempting to shift the capital in such a short time is “Either-a-bad” move or a “Hyderabad” move.

Just a few weeks ago, neighbour Telen’gaana’ made much ‘song(u)’ and dance(u), as this newly ‘disUnited State’, hosted the ‘United State’, while they gave a ‘Rao’sing welcome to Madam Ivanka. While they seem, to have come up ‘Trumps’, AP has begun to feel dis’Card’ed!

TECHNOLOGY @ SCHOOLS - What does this mean in India?

The A.P. state CM has a dream of seeing his state ‘evolve’ from “AP to Super AP” but, according to him, there is many a “missing link” in between! He has a dream of making some ‘sea’ changes to coastal Andhra and to make Rayalseeema seem(a) Royal! For this, he has been going zig-zag from Vizag, all the way upto Dilli to press for his demand. “The only response we got to our repeated pleas of “Yemandi, cheppandi” was “No Undie” said an unknown source. “We felt stripped” he added!!!! The final outcome, according to him, was “Andi”niably an “Andi”sirable turn of events.

“Not giving us enough capital to shift the capital is capital punishment” proclaimed the CM. “What CaNaidu?” he added. “We were ‘Reddy’ with our plans for a grand Amravati, but they seem hell bent on converting this ‘Kamma’ into a full-stop! We, therefore had no option but to separate from the NDA since our “Gulti” conscience wouldn’t permit us to continue further. I am afraid our Andhra Pradesh will soon become “Andhera Pradesh”, he was (mis)quoted as saying.


response the Centre, which has 29 states asking for special favours, said “There is not a Modi-cum of truth in what they say”. “This ‘Chandra’ is asking for the ‘moon’. That is why, उनका ‘Status को’ ‘Status quo’ ही रखा है”.

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