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Social media thought leadership and personal branding

((Akshay Bansal))

There was a time when talented people didn’t have the platform to show their talent Adele myspace and many more, we believe everyone has one or other thought about leadership and to show it to the world is important. The world has now transformed into givers, you give first and then ask for example earlier we had the system that every creative or talented individual has to knock many doors, do a lot of struggle and rather to focus on sharpening the talent they had to have focused on the struggle, but the world has changed now, platforms help the creative and talented community to connect with the masses and directly share their talent to the world and make established companies struggle for you.

Every being is talented in some or other, and it's their self-duty to nurture and sharpen their talent by persistence and patience. Even in corporate world a new recruitment system has emerged in which recruiters are not hidden monitoring the candidate by secret cameras in the waiting room but in the social media and to come into their radar every candidate has to showcase their thought leadership, due to its not that you have to focus on improving the resume, candidates also have to focus on building a thought leadership and share that ideas and thoughts to the platforms recruiters monitor daily It’s a give and ask approach.

In web 2.0 when our life is regulating by social media, it's a proactive job to regulate the social media and create influence first, Let’s take a logic, two candidates one focusing on building the resume and another focus on building the thoughts for the subject but recruiters found the first candidate to be more promising based on the resume and another candidate ends up in less shinny job now a moment of truth arises in which a crisis happened, which the second person fulfilled alright and got promoted but another one got demoted People are now maintaining the LinkedIn profile, but almost no one has a clue as for how to influence the recruiters, it's your thoughts that will excite them and makes you stand out in the crowd. Be a thought leader be HEURO.

The strategy of Today’s leader:

Social media is the most powerful tool every person has, here you can learn, create and share your talent and with feedback you improve, but most importantly you can create your personal brand look at any political or capitalist leader they all pay huge attention to creating their personal brand now think the logic say you promote your brand and pay a lot of energy and money to do that on social media, on the other side of you promote yourself then any brand or company you will promote will be as effective as you do them separately, for example when Elon musk was asked to promote the tesla and invest in PR for tesla motors, but he rejected the argument that his personal brand will amplify the tesla motors, imagine a car company with no PR expense has valued more than Ford motor company (as of August 2017). Not only for entrepreneurs but also for professionals, so if you except a higher wage or want to work for a better company you need to create your brand by showing your unique knowledge to the social media platforms, In Heuro, you can create articles and can document your intellectual life and share them with the world to give the world your intellectual contribution the more you give, the more opportunities you will get!

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